futile attempts at surviving tomorrow

Sunday, 27 February 2022, 11:53

[begin transcript]

That’s not him, I killed him.
I, I just… we have the same skin.
[breaking glass]
Who this, who this guy?
Ooow, push on me.
Oh, who shot me?
[level up]
Gecko, gecko, gecko, gecko,
I hear gunshot
Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, iguana.
Kitty, Kerry, Kerry. Kerry, kerry, iguana.
Hm mm
[baby gurgle]
Are you? Who are you? Uh Hu uh
Yeah, if you.
Pedro pedro pedro
GUYS!! I’ve Got someone over here.
Right here right back
Guys, we got…
Guys, we got someone over here. We got… I caught someone. I caught someone… caught someone.
I literally caught someone.
Double kill!!
I am not hurt.
Fine. And that’s right.
I’m the good one. I’m the right one. I’m the first one.
OK. I found this guy.
Are you the guy you’re on my team. Are you the bad one? Everybody, everybody’s changing.
Pedro, Pedro, Pedro Pedro Pedro.
Pedro, Pedro Pedro.
You can shoot me for the headshot 51.
Hmm, nah, that’d be uncool
I only need to get 30 more first kills.
I’m a monkey.
[heavy machine gun]
God I’m fucked. killed *singing*
Let me cheque my appointee.
Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me.
Oh, I didn’t get 150 kills. With a rifle and SMG.
Oh dear God.
Is it safe daily or weekly?
Err weekly
OK, that…actually that ends tomorrow. So if you really want that you have to grind it.
I got I.
Got two of them of the my weekly challenges.
My last weekly was three more revolver kills.
[barrel spin]
I might…
Do the…
…I might do the 100 kills of Minigun. I think I’m gonna do that.
[barrel spin]
Going for the 100 kills with the mini gun.
Me wanna me wanna me wanna.
*singing*Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun. Dun Dun Dun Dun.
Who the heck are you bwoy?
Hold on.
Where is Brock?
He was cheating.
Right behind you.
I’m going for the 100 kills mini gun for my weekly.
I’m the good one
Who’s the shitty one?
Oo, bye blizzard got him
Because, like my mum’s, my mum said because she’s like family now.
No, no offence.
No, no, no, no no nono.
You know, if you do this, you fly farther and faster?
Get away from me, you grenade launcher rat. Oh, my gosh, you’re filthy. How dare you just run at me with a grenade launcher.
It’s a mind trick Auntie Carol cause you’re saying silk and you’re thinkin milk.
We just mowed that guy down.
*singing*hope to murder
How dis guy?
*singing*hope to murder your girlfriend here.
I’m good at this game. It’s called Gun Raiders.
Double Kill!!
I’m good liz…. I’m good.
I’m good. Bad lizard.
So OK.
Hey bro, you know.
I’m good, buddy. I’m good. Blizzard. I’m the good and the good team. Neee ne
Neee ne
Neee ne
Neee ne
Neee ne
Hey d’you how to get money in this game?
d’you how to get money in this game?
Lizard lizard lizard Ignuana
[eplosions and gunfire]
I’m good Lizard.
Evil lizard Evil lizard
I can’t find. I can’t find where is he? Where is he?
Got em
Alright – See you later bro.
Drive home safe
Thanks for coming
Appreciate it
I saw him.
I saw I saw lizard. I saw bad lizard.
I see him bruv, get your ass over HERRRRE!
It should be like. For favour for them.
I need the kills. I need to get 100 kills with a mini gun for my town.
It’s like an achievement
I ‘ve go 300 RC, they’re like tokens, you’ve got like you have to build up your tokens.
None. None. No, not.
Thank you. I got him.
Im a fnaf therorist
I’m obsessed with fnaf WHAT THE FUCK! WHAAAT
Did you just say fnaf?
I’m getting all myself.
Get up there.
Evil mine. Evil mine. Where is he? Where is he?
I got dropped by somewhere. I’m getting shot from where? Yes, I. This one, this one is very different games.
I have loads.
Of consoles.
Just like this, if you run out of ammo.
Do you want? Me to name all the consols like.
Dad, that. Can you get more ammo?
Myself. Yeah, I used to.
Have an apple my friend.
Why would?
I’m here on the street, yeah.
Love the concept? Awesome.
OK, kill you.
Thank you.
Yeah. Why you?
Like person. I know, but you’re looking because you’re retired. You have to save your money.
You really like if you watch every single game on the.
No. Yeah, no.
Literally the last 100 times.
You get your wife over here right over here.
You know. Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun.
If you want to peacefully talk, you might as well just go. Through the safe area, yeah.
OK. Yeah. Let’s go to like what which? There’s like multiple areas dead, there’s.
Multiple areas you can go to.
You’re killing me.
OK so here.
We should just go to.
OK, what which one?
That type of.
You would.
Area like that type.
Of Area picture like the base.
And you will just come in and kill it.
I just gave you some.
I’m getting tired.
Well, you would have been dead if you.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Everything ask him except.
That is sister location and security breach. They’re the only two that I don’t have.
But my computer can’t handle it.
Yes, Animal Crossing, Houston, I could. Buy it on my PS5. Like I’m probably not blonde. I think I I don’t think I got to.
9 year old girl, like one year old.
Just gave you a catch on. Why hate? Me, man. Yeah.
They’re speaking entire group. Rory does that.
So we’re gonna talk about. Oh, I forgot about this. I’ve watched nearly every single bendy.
Theory on game theory as well. I was really into that back in the day.
Yeah. Little. No, you’re little.
Ohh no I haven’t.
28. Piece piece.
I mean, like, I haven’t even gone to watch the trailer.
I know literally like a trailer for it. And then I watched the trailers.
Yeah, this is. I think there’s two.
One of them.
I think that if you there might just be one.
Vegas two. Wait, Dash 2-21.
That’s mad.
Today I might start. Watching new theories on game theory.
Watching him walk.
Okey dokey.
What is that?
Doki doki.
Don’t think I’ve heard of it.
I don’t remember or I just.
Have memory loss also in memory of a goldfish.
Just actually have a pretty easy.
What’s the goldfish? What the goldfish do?
Yeah, I can remember every now and.
Then but then like. That’s the time. Yeah. I’m not remembering anchit. I’m playing game. Bye. Play game.
If you look at DFSC, you’ll finance one of. The most high workings.
I don’t play big boy. 15 girls.
What I.
Should say. What does? But something where I like.
And now?
Show Netflix.
Is it even out?
Yeah, one season.
They’re not.
I I watched the whole thing in one day.
Did you change the date?
Thank you. I saw like how the backstory like how the cockhead was made on the backstory of copper pretty good.
Jamie bond.
I’m trying to get up.
Jeez, my memory is ********. I cannot remember anything.
I have a great memory for anything. I don’t like anything I don’t like. I it’s very hard for me to remember.
Wait, you.
Do you have another wanted?
What are you? Doing what? Are you coming, Mr Bon bon sinder?
Nintendo PCPS. They’re two different skeletons, ones wearing different shirt.
When you.
To think about.
I was gonna make YouTube videos.
I might go.
I’m gonna go play again and make YouTube.
Oh, by the way, here’s 1 clear difference.
The vital baby salary is mine.
Hey, have you?
Seen this theory. Gregory being crying child.
I go down here. Hey, Ben, you want to join your broccoli, Ben?
I’m coming this summer.
Have you seen the Siri? Have you seen the Siri on Gregory being crying child?
He was like, he’s a robot, artificial intelligence.
Is it?
Yes. Yeah, I I think it’s true.
Kick them for some. Reason I’m scared to play. For now trying to. Be in my club.
I’m getting up.
Got them.
Don’t kill him. We’re just talking.
Also, yes, you’re correct that everything is mangled.
Then team up.
Oh, that wasn’t you.
You didn’t want it too much, so you die.
I miss you.
Bang Bang.
You know what I plan on doing today? Oh good.
Good to see.
I’m behind you.
Today I’m planning.
On trying to get a new high school and U. CM AM I trying? To do that, I couldn’t live in. Tech talk or from YouTube?
I’m trying to get funny.
Like clips to the YouTube short shorts.
Wait, do you have a YouTube?
Yes, the better pretty.
I mean to YouTube that I was planning on doing loads of. ****. But then I just went like, Nah. But the food we both die. All right. Wait, has game theory posted in more than half, or has he, like officially, ended ended?
Ever since we were about.
When I when I shoot. Up you have to go up.
For something there hasn’t been anyone.
Do not tell me. Do not tell.
Me. Do not look. We’re just talking for now. Goodbye there. I’m going to. Fly around. Sometimes it helps me think.
Yeah, darling.
That’s why. Try one more time. Hi, guys. I said don’t kill like, Oh my God.
Meaning that the travellers were killed.
Let me join myself.
Do not tell me. Do not tell me you killed me. OK, get away. You killed us first. Hello, it’s Catherine. Who wants to team what he wants to do?
Looking for my friend.
One or two more. I hit myself in the balls.
It’s an issue. I’ve done that before. It’s not a. Good feeling, I think that’s.
The first time that ever happened to me in VR. All right. You can follow me to come to my face. Oh my God. The hell it’s down here.
We want.
Could they put the nap together? Come on. Alright.
Where did you just say?
Then I gotta go, sadly. My my my battery is dead. You know. Could get you in discord or something. Or we could do, we could. Do that or no. Kill him.
Why don’t you kill me?
Mini gun shotgun.
Are you there?
I don’t.
Good, good, good, good.
You know.
Uh. Hello, Tom.
I cornered him anyway. I don’t want to go.
Don’t really care. Down here.
I think.
Turn off the headset.
I I’m going to go or just like.
I don’t care.
That’s the key. You don’t feel good? Hold on.
Poop isn’t the same show.
Thank you.
Look down there.
Hello in this safe zone trying to shoot us.
It’s double kill.
Stop, stop.
Feeling the same thing. I’m like a. Really good shooter.
Like it would be on the same scene.
Hey, could we be on the same food?
Hello. OK.
Can we be on?
The same team like you and me.
Yeah. OK, where, where are we going?
OK, we’re going to the battle zone.
Alright Sir.
Where’d you?
Go. Oh yeah, yeah. OK, goodbye. All on the. Same team that. No, no, no, no. Hello skeleton all skeleton.
Go kill my friend. My friend.
They called one.
Control law.
Gotcha, Springer.
Good love.
That’s poop.
I would lose ****.
Come and get. Me if you’re there.
Got you.
Thank you, dad. Hey, stop it. Stop it. What the hell? Stop following me all yourself.
Hello there. OK. I do.
Hey. Hi.
Double kill.
All right. Got you.
The hell. I don’t get this. I’m going right and it feels like you lose your balance. You know you can’t.
I’m behind you, *******. Oh my God.
You fancy a wee? That’s a weird game. Good. Yeah, like when. You’ve you’ve got like a different section. I was so scared when I jumped off that it match. Who made out like? With these kitties.
Double kill.
Alright then.
I can’t do anything. Sucks.
Actually stupid.
Alright, thanks.

My son –  playing a first person shooter in VR.
He is silent but sound can be heard faintly from the headset’s speaker.
squeaky transatlantic children, stoner teens, creepy grown ups all converse/curse/gibber/berate/abuse while murdering each other.
I can sort of see and sort of hear – it’s all a bit mental – am I a bad father?