David Fulford is a photographer, designer and artist based in West Yorkshire, UK.

Primarily his practice provides a supporting role to artists, creative enterprise, schools and community groups, trading as Black Hill Creative.

His playful approach led to self-initiated experiments in a number of creative technologies including web-design, sound, electronics, fabrication and print media.

Of late these self-directed projects have focused primarily on photographic practice, including silver gelatin printing, creative lighting and zine publishing.

Particular interests include portraiture, edgeland landscapes. documentary/still-life and assembling performative studio-based studies.


Published Vol 6 Portrait of Britain
Glasgow Gallery of Photography
Holmfirth Artweek, invited artist
Sculpture Lounge Summer Show
Cupola Gallery w/ Jamie Frost
Sculpture Lounge
Artsmith, Derby


Black Hill Creative – Studio founded 2018

Sculpture Lounge Ltd – co-director


b. 1973 Derby, England

Having learnt the basics of film photography, aged 17 David went on to study Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University where he developed a strong interest in sound, technology and electromagnetic radiation.

After graduating in 1999, he spent a year or so endeavouring to build a sustainable creative practice in Glasgow. While this was creatively and professionally rewarding (securing technician roles with Transmission Gallery and the CCA) financial pressures lead to a move to Huddersfield, Yorkshire where David has resided since.

10 further years of dead-end jobs and abandoned projects were left behind upon the birth of his son in 2009 and as time became more of a luxury, photography became a primary creative outlet.





A hugely inconsistent and unfocussed overthinker, David’s infrequent and fleeting brushes with clarity keep him bound to a futile pursuance of creative illumination.